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Dark Horse Appraisals specializes in assessing estimated value and providing accredited appraisal reports for clients. Owner and accredited appraiser Susan L. Andrews caters her services to the appraisal of antiquities, and fine art/objects as it has been a lifelong interest and passion. 
Many understand appraisals play an important role in settling an estate, probate, marital dispute, tax reasons, or insurance, as this is often when we encounter the need. While this is crucial in pre-loss prevention as listed in the cases above, often we come to wonder what is the value of a family heirloom or antique? Andrews, CPPAG shares in her website materials that appraisals are not only done for professional or legal instances, but rather can be a response to the natural curiosity we may have.
Visit www.darkhorseappraisals.com  to learn more about Susan & the services provided by Dark Horse Appraisals. 

  • Professional Industry-Compliant Appraisal Reports
  • Interest-Based Appraisal Reports 

Dark Horse Appraisals services the united counties of Leeds/Grenville/Lanark, Edwardsburgh/Cardinal, Merrickville/Wolford, and South Dundas/Glengarry. (Eastern Ontario, south of Ottawa and between Cornwall and Kingston)
Susan L. Andrews | CPPAG
Dark Horse Appraisals 
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