CrossFit Kemptville

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CrossFit Kemptville is a health and fitness club founded on performance and driven by passion. Our philosophy of a healthier lifestyle is accomplished through medium-size classes of group training, using constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements. You will practice and train major lifts, such as the deadlift, squat and snatch, while simultaneously mastering the basics of gymnastics, such as pull-ups, rope climbs and handstands. By combining these fundamental components, we can fast-track your fitness. Because CrossFit is infinitely scalable, it’s truly for everyone! Here at CFKV, we pride ourselves on being a close community. Whether inside or outside of the gym, members are always there to cheer you on or lend a helping hand. We stand out from traditional gyms. At CFKV, camaraderie and support are abundant.


416 Rideau Street
Kemptville, ON K0G1J0


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