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Holly is an intuitive healer, Reiki Master, and studying Rapid Resolution Therapy with Dr. Jon Connelly. Holly specializes in working with the body, mind, and soul to heal from past experiences in order to thrive in life. Helping her clients release anxiety, depression, blockages, and stuckness so they can start creating the life they desire. Having the client's mind free and clear to be more present in everyday life. Holly went through her own difficult experience 10 years ago.
Holly was hospitalized and diagnosed with postpartum psychosis and bipolar. Holly tried the Western way of healing however it wasn’t working for her and my goals she wanted in life. Holly has developed programs and packages designed to heal the holistic way. The tools and resources that are in the programs and packages are what Holly personally used to heal herself and now clients use. Holly is so passionate at helping her clients get out of the struggle and then thriving in life. She believes that when we heal ourselves, we can help others heal and when this happens, the world can heal.
Holly Finucan
Intuitive Healer
Reiki Master


Intuitively Guided



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