Redeeming Thyme

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Redeeming Thyme We defy the aging process with a natural, non invasive face-lift that improves skin tone, texture and muscle tone PLUS the added bonus of improved client health. More than a facial: We use a Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment called, Meridian Balancing, to gently harmonize (reboot) the autonomic nervous system so organs function optimally. Next, we use a Professional Frequency Specific Microcurrent, gently stimulating specific muscles (shortened or lengthened) giving the face the “lift” everyone is looking for. Many experience these bonus improvements: TMJ improved, decreased headaches, neck pain relief, better sleep, hot flash help, acne/rocasea improvement etc. Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation (MFR) and other natural supplementary modalities offer improved wellness and undo the effects of time in our toxic world. Dale Carney Redeeming Thyme 613-761-8960


Redeeming Thyme
518 Kindred Cres
Kemptville, ON K0G1J0



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