COVID-19 Safety Plan

COVID-19 safety plan can be found here
Use this template to document how your organization will keep workers and other people safe at your workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic. How to develop your COVID-19 safety plan: A guide for Ontario workplaces explains what you should think about and gives examples to help you come up with your plan.
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Provide as much information in response to each question as possible. This will help your workers and other people to know exactly what to do and what to expect.
The final page will help you create a snapshot version of your plan to post in the workplace. This can act as a reference for workers and let others who come into your workplace know what you are doing to help keep everyone in your workplace safe.
The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving situation – review your plan regularly and make changes as required. Refer to the Ontario government’s COVID-19 website for up-to-date information.