'We are getting close, get ready'-Doug Ford

'We are getting close, get ready': Ontario premier unveils rules for businesses ahead of reopening.
"We are in the path to reopening the economy because that curve is flatting."
"We are getting close, get ready."
The government said the new safety guidelines will provide direction to various industries including retail, health care, manufacturing, tourism, restaurant and food service, offices, construction sites, and transit and transportation services.
The province has also hired 58 new inspectors, who will join hundreds of existing labour inspectors, to help enforce the guidelines. The province says they will be tasked with enforcing emergency measures, including physical distancing and the closure of non-essential workplaces.
"We will open things in phases as it becomes safe to do so, based on health and science," Ford said.
"All of these guidelines, taken together with our framework, provide a strong foundation to help get the province working again.”
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"This pandemic has turned our lives upside-down. It has put our will and resolve to the test but we are winning this fight and we will win this fight,” Ford said.
"Ontario will come out of this stronger than ever before."
The full list of sector-specific guidelines from Ontario's health and safety associations can be found here.