North Grenville Chamber of Commerce Est. 1980


Formerly referred to as Kemptville & District Chamber of Commerce, as originally adopted February 4, 1981 Article IV Chamber Clause 7; Revision 12/8/82


Article 1 – Name and Object

Section 1.1

The name of this organization shall be the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce, hereinafter referred to as “The Chamber”.

Section 1.2

The Object of The Chamber shall be to promote and improve trade, commerce, agriculture, tourism and the economic, civic and social welfare and the uniqueness of the community served by The Chamber.

Section 1.3

The usual place of meeting shall be within the Municipality of North Grenville.

Section 1.4

The North Grenville Chamber of Commerce and its Board of Directors, including its staff and in its activities is and shall continue to be non-sectional and non-sectarian and shall not act, take part in, support orlend its influence to the nomination, election or appointment of or to a candidate for Federal, Provincial or Municipal public office, or to any such on a party political basis. Further, no Director or Officer normember of the staff of the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce shall run for political office while serving as a Director or Officer of the Board or performing their duties as a paid staff member.

Section 1.5


  • a. Shall be the spokesperson for the business community, hereinafter referred to as the ‘voice of business’.
  • b. To encourage fellowship and a spirit of cooperation within the business community.
  • c. To inform and educate business people and the community at large.
  • d. To promote the members’ interest to local, provincial and national political bodies.

Section 1.6

Mission Statement:

To continue to lead North Grenville through focused partnerships and memberships with community clubs; organizations and Municipal Government and to continue to create an exceptional environment to sustain employment and attract future employers to provide greater opportunities for all our Citizens of North Grenville.

Section 1.7


To actively work towards maintaining and retaining existing business while promoting and attracting new business and to promote the economic development and the social well being of the entire community of North Grenville.

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