Business Services

JAE Automation

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Founded in 2000, JAE Automation has built its reputation on the successes of its clients. By investing in long term relationships JAE has grown steadily into a leadership position in the shop floor automation world.

Lunan Accounting

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It’s simple; our goal is to empower our clients around their finances. Your business is what you do best. It is our business to make sure you achieve your financial goals. We do this by providing professional services that go beyond just bookkeeping and taxes.


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How often do you find yourself saying “I could use more hours in the day!”, adding things to your neverending “to-do list” and wondering how on earth you will get everything done in time? Life is busy and time flies.

S Lanthier Bookkeeping

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My goal is to help business succeed and prosper by providing bookkeeping service with accuracy, honesty and integrity.
Your books will be ready for your yearly financials for your accountant.