Digital Support Service helps Small Business access $$, gain visibility

Digital Support Service helps Small Business access $$, gain visibility
Small businesses in all communities across the Leeds Grenville region are able to access FREE digital support from local experts. Digital experts offer one-on-one support tailored to each business’s unique digital needs.

Our local digital experts can help with online marketing, social media account setup and content creation, website improvement, photography and videography, implementation of new digital tools, technology and so much more!

Digital experts will also be focusing on connecting with businesses who are likely to qualify for up to $4,900 in funding through the Digital Transformation Grant and the Canadian Digital Adoption Program: Grow Your Business Online Grant. These grants are generally available to businesses who pay commercial property taxes or who have at least one employee on payroll, beyond the business owner. Eligible small businesses can use this money towards the adaption of digital technology to help boost their business.

Some uses of the grant money include:
Online store development
Digital marketing
Website development and plug-ins
Purchase of software and certain hardware
Businesses interested in taking advantage of these grants should reach out today to determine their eligibility. Join the 155 grant recipients and over 1,000 business owners already served in Leeds Grenville.

For more information on the Leeds Grenville program visit the webpage and to connect with our Digital Service Specialist Cyndy Bolton via email or call 613-342-3840, ext. 5368.
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