Sustainability Fair and Market

The 11th Annual North Grenville Sustainability Fair and Market will take place on Sunday April 22 from 10am to 3pm. It will be held at the North Grenville Municipal Centre. The grip of winter is loosening, so shake off the winter blahs and come meet your friends and family at this engaging community event.
Rooted in a celebration of Earth Day, the Sustainability Fair brings together locally-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, market vendors, artists, conservation and community groups from North Grenville and the surrounding area; all of whom are important threads in the cultural, environmental and economic fabric of a thriving sustainable community. Get to know the people who are part of the foundation of our local economy; chat with the booth holders and find out about their products and services. Peruse the market stalls for locally-produced art, crafts and edible goodies. Find out about the community organizations that make North Grenville a great place to live and work. There is something for everyone at the fair including a children’s zone.
The electric vehicle show will also return. From more modest beginnings, this has grown to become the biggest electric vehicle show in the region. Anything bigger is in Montreal or Toronto. We thank the people of North Grenville for helping make this impact. This year, we anticipate around 30 cars with their owners, dealerships onsite offering test drives, and presentations during the day. Come see models from Tesla, the Chevrolet Bolt, Hyundai Ioniq, Pacifica minivan plug-in hybrid, Honda Clarity. Talk with owners about their experience, winter driving, and reliability - then take one for a drive! Or more than one - compare different models and manufacturers in this one place instead of driving to multiple dealerships across Ottawa.
Local music and food will be featured. In addition, presentations throughout the day will offer a chance to learn and experience new ideas or hear from local experts on matters related to sustainability and the community. For the full musical lineup and an overview of each of the free, sustainability workshops see below and check back often as we continue to update all there will be to check out. See you at the fair!
There are still a few market place tables remaining. For information to book a table for your business or community group email:
--- Sustainability Workshops ---
Living Off The Electrical Grid
Bill Kemp, is the author of five books and is a co-author of the David Suzuki Foundation policy report Smart Generation; Powering Ontario with Renewable Energy. He and his wife Lorraine, live off the electrical grid on their hobby/horse farm in eastern Ontario. They have lived off the electrical grid for 25 years using wind and solar energy to power their home and lifestyle.
Their business Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee also uses solar energy to roast coffee beans, as well as charge their electrically-powered delivery vehicle. In addition to renewable energy, the home and business have a very low environmental impact by combining garbage reduction, composting, rain water garden irrigation and other concepts.
This talk will provide an overview of the family lifestyle, technology and environmental considerations.
Raising Organic Meat Rabbits
Ready to add sustainable livestock to your rural property but short on space? Meredith Luce will share her experience of raising meat rabbits at an organic farm. Learn about a sustainable meat option that can be raised organically and on a small scale. Topics will include secure and humane housing options, sourcing breeding stock, breeding and kindling, feed, processing, and recipes.
Building an Electric Car
Gérard Gavrel will discuss the technical and political aspects of converting an existing car to a battery electric vehicle.
Electric Car - The Battery
The batteries in a modern electric or hybrid car are designed to last the life of the vehicle. Warranties are long. Nevertheless, it is common to hear questions on what they cost and what kind of performance or longevity can be expected. Jeff Goodman provides this workshop to look at the testing that is being done today on these vehicles to give some insight into these matters.
--- Musical Performances ---
This year’s roster of live performers is all local acts who will be performing during the fair. The acts range from ladies contemporary and rootsy vocal group Bella Borealis (10am) to instrumental pianist-composer Alexis Earl (11:15am). After lunch, (12:30pm) the folksy-pop singer-songwriter Amanda Giles will perform, with singer-songwriter Bruce Enloe closing the day and starting at 2pm. The music can be found near the concession area in the main hall.
Bella Borealis – 10 am - A trio of Leahbeth Harding, Jeanne Lambert and Polly Beach; Bella Borealis is a small group of talented women from the Kemptville area who sing a cappella and acoustic rootsy classics and contemporary songs. Formed in spring 2012 after a chance encounter at Kemptville’s The Branch Restaurant, the group has made a name for itself with numerous local performances. They have also released a full length album (2015’s Sweet & Dandy) and a Christmas album (2016’s Returning).
Alexis Earl - 11:15 am - Alexis is a young pianist-composer and the granddaughter of Arnold and Helen Earl (well-known Ottawa musicians), she has been playing for around 16 years, and has recently decided to take music more seriously. Her eclectic song selections range from Beethoven to Justin Timberlake, and her original pieces are hypnotic and experimental.
Amanda Giles - 12:30 pm - Amanda writes sweet songs, sad songs, songs that make you feel something… She sings them packed up full of real emotion with her beautiful full-throated alto voice that stands alone as a powerful lead, but that also seems to beg a harmony, which probably explains why everyone around here has sung a song or two with her at one time or another… Amanda is recently back to playing a bit of music after the birth of her daughter.
Bruce Enloe – 2 pm - A singer–songwriter performing original songs that are equal parts folk, Americana and Beatle influenced pop. Enjoy crafted and crafty lyrics, heartfelt and occasionally catchy songs that ramble over genres, migrate through the minefields of sensitive subjects, and sometimes giggle through the silly side of the same. There are stories and story songs from the interesting life of the well travelled, adventure-steeped driver at the six-stringed steering wheel of your afternoon… Trust him, he knows the way home.

Sunday, April 22, 2018 - 10:00am to 3:00pm


Municipal Centre
285 County R #44
Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0


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