Women In Business Summit | Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Summit is designed to give the Canadian business community and women, themselves, the inspiration and the tools to take action.
The insights gleaned through this event will help inform the ongoing work of our Council for Women’s Advocacy and our National Inclusive Growth Campaign in advancing a gender-inclusive recovery and driving meaningful action to ensure the full participation of women in the workforce.
Join us for a day of panel discussions, candid session and spotlights that will harness the creativity of influencers, entrepreneurs, and business and community leaders in sharing and exploring the issues and opportunities that will both keep women in the workforce and further their advancement.
Featured Speakers Include:

  • Angela Behboodi , Director, Government Affairs & Advocacy, Amgen
  • Tabatha Bull, President & CEO of Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • Max Brault, Vice President, Strategy & Operations, BDO Canada
  • Lucinda Chodan, Senior Vice President Editorial & Editor in Chief, Montreal Gazette
  • Jennifer Cooke, Director of Inclusive Trade, Export Development Canada (EDC)
  • Angelita Graham, Partner, Mercer Canada
  • Rhonda Klosler, National COO, RSM Canada
  • Trish Knox, President, TK Events
  • Marie-HĂ©lène Labrie, Senior Vice President & Chief Public Affairs, Communications & Strategy, Cogeco Inc.
  • Nicole MacAdam, Editor in Chief, Ottawa Citizen & Sun
  • Sheila North, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Legacy Bowes Group
  • Emily O’Brien, Founder & Creative Director, Comeback Snacks
  • Margaret Stuart, Country Manager, Salesforce Canada
  • Michel Rodrigue, President & CEO, Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • Nicole Verkindt, Founder & CEO, OMX


Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 5:00am