CSE Consulting Employer Services

CSE staff are fully mobilized, working remotely to assist you with your business related needs and are available to provide support in areas of:

Layoff / Downsizing Support
Recruitment for Rapid Hiring
Placements with Incentives
HR Support
Referral to Business Financing Resources
We will continue to provide updates as the situation progresses. Please phone our offices if you have any questions or concerns, email the person you wish to reach directly, or email Shannon Liscumb, Director at shannonl@cseconsulting.com. The Job Developers, Tracy McDonald and Rod Palmer may be reached by phone, email or text.

Tracy McDonald                                                                                                      Rod Palmer
tracy@cseconsulting.com                                                                                     rod@cseconsulting.com
Office:  613-258-6576  ext. 205   ( to leave a message)                                  Office: 613-925-0222  ext. 208  (to leave a message)
Cell:  613-498-4410      ( call or text)                                                                   Cell:  613-213-2898     (call or text)