Employment Standards Update

Minimum wage rates
New: Minimum wage rates in Ontario increased on October 1, 2020. Under the Making Ontario Open for Business Act this increase is tied to the Ontario Consumer Price Index for 2020.
The increase to the general minimum wage is 25 cents, which brings the new rate to $14.25 an hour.
The general and specialized minimum wage rates that also take effect on October 1, 2020 are detailed in the chart below.
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Minimum wage calculation for employees who earn commission
If an employee’s pay is based completely or partly on commission, it must amount to at least the minimum wage for each hour the employee has worked.
A typical case
Luba works on commission and has a weekly pay period. One week, she was paid $150.00 in commission and worked 25 hours. The minimum wage applicable to Luba is $14.25 an hour. The minimum wage ($14.25) multiplied by the number of hours worked in the pay period (25) is $356.25 . Luba is owed the difference between her commission pay ($150) and the required minimum wage ($356.25). Luba’s employer owes her $206.25.
Note: Where overtime hours are worked, the calculation is more complicated.