Get Cronk'd

These two community leaders and entrepreneurs, Rebecca Cronk and OmShanti Charlebois, had a blast this afternoon sharing their passion for fitness and wellness during their free Strengthen & Stretch Facebook Live event.
If you missed it live, no worries, you can access it from their Facebook pages (Get Cronk'd Fitness Studio or Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre).
If you are interested in seeing more of these collaborations in the future please feel free to PM or email them.
Thanks to the many participants who tuned in today.
We are pleased to say that the collaborative Strength & Stretch event between Get Cronk’d Fitness Studio and Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre last week was a success. It was met with enthusiasm and positive reviews.
If you would like to see more free events of this type in the future please comment below.
Thanks to all who attended. We look forward to seeing even more of you next time.
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