Rideau Woodland Ramble

Rideau Woodland Ramble will open for its 20th season on Tuesday May 12 at 9am. Please follow directional and social distancing requirements.
When visiting the Ramble follow these-
1. Enter up gravel lane only(Forsythia Way)
2. Use hand sanitizer
3. Maintain 2 metre separation always
4. Disinfectant spray for cart handles
5. Exit only down sidewalk
6. Cashier in Gazebo
7. Only 1 person at a time in Gazebo
8. Only 1 person/family in Gallery
9. Only 2 people in Greenhouses
10. Maintain distancing as you walk the gardens, do not pass on trails
Rideau Woodland Ramble UPDATE
We have made the very difficult decision to close Rideau Woodland Ramble indefinitely as we are not in a position of operate via an online store nor touchless shopping or curbside pickup. Today we are under provincial order to close, as a non-essential business, and it is indeterminant how long that status will be in place. From all we have heard, this challenge may be here for a minimum of 3 months, to a year….we just do not know.
The nursery and the gardens are both closed until further notice. If you have placed any orders with us for 2020 know that they are cancelled. All gift certificates will be honoured later this year and in 2021 when things return to normal. Art, Jazz and the Garden 2020 is cancelled. That said, we hope you are all well and safe. We will stay in touch as things evolve. Stay Home
David Dunn and Robert Caron