Windstorm Coverage FAQs

The storm in Ontario and Quebec has caused significant damage to our communities.
Your well being is important to us and we're here to help
Here's some information that may help if you've sustained any damages to your property:
1.  Damage from fallen trees
Typically, the disposal of the actual tree itself is not covered under a homeowners policy; however, the resulting damage it caused to your house or fence could be covered, and subject to your policy deductible.
2.  Missing roof shingles
Roof damage from windstorms is typically covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy.  Damage will be subject to your policy deductible.
Tip:  Do all that you can do minimize further damage to your home by tarping damaged areas to prevent water from entering the house.
3.  Spoiled food in your freezer
Most companies provide some type of coverage for spoiled food in your refrigerator or freezer.
This coverage may be subject to a maximum limit of coverage, and may be subject to your policy deductible, depending on the insurance company.
Tip:  Make a detailed list of the items being disposed of and their approximate value so you can advise your broker of what needs to be reimbursed.
4.  Car damage
If you have Comprehensive or All Perils coverage on your car, you're covered for damage from fallen objects (that includes trees!).  The damage would be subject to your deductible, but it would be considered a 'not-at-fault' claim which won't affect your insurance rates.
It's important to discuss your specific policy coverage and limits with your broker.  We recommend taking lots of pictures and keeping all receipts for necessary expenses.
Our team is available by phone and email to assist you with any questions or to help you submit your claim to the insurance company.
We appreciate your patience and support as we try to help as many clients as we can get back to normal as quickly as possible.