COVID-19 Update – How RBC is helping clients

In times of crisis, it’s important to come together as a community to support one another. RBC wants to provide you the support you need, and that includes immediate and long term relief for clients facing challenging circumstances. The RBC Client Relief Program includes:
Deferral payments for Canadians in need of immediate cash-flow, including up to six month deferral for:
Credit cards
Installment loans
Auto loans
Self-serve options for instant relief
Fee waivers including stop payment and ATM statement fees
Hardship Relief
To support clients facing additional pressure from illness, lost employment or unique family circumstances, clients are encouraged to book a call with an advisor for additional relief measures including:
Reimbursement for 50% of credit card interest charges for clients receiving minimum payment deferrals
Refinancing or credit restructuring
Personalized support
Business Client Support
For business owners in need, providing customized advice to relieve financial pressures and disruption including:
Temporary increase to operating line limits
Ability to convert term debt to interest only for up to six months
Fee waivers for enrollment in electronic payment solutions
Kristie Mastin PFP-Financial Planner, RBC  (613) 556-0244