Fat Les Chip Stand

*Fat Les Kemptville is open
1-613-229-2238 phone ahead for no wait.
We are accepting all types of payment- Cash, Debit and Credit.
Fat Les's Chip Stand & Pizzeria Osgoode
*5657 Osgoode Main Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Call (613) 826-0000
Jeff's Fat Les Chip Stand
We're BACK!! Opening Day Tuesday April 14 - 11am-6pm. We missed you!! Please understand that we'll have special social distancing rules in place for the next little bit. We only accept TAP, Debit, VISA, Mastercard at this time and we can only allow 1 person on the porch at one time.
Fat Les's Chip Stand & Wham Burger
3779 Strandherd Dr (18.08 mi)
Barrhaven, Ontario K2J 5M4
We offer Fat Les's Chip Stand & Wham Burger! Gift Certificates through our website for either 2 or 4 Special Poutines (or Combo platters) and they have no expiry. Pay with your credit card and we'll mail out the certificate to you via Canada Post.
Fat Les's Chip Stand Finch
80 Front Street (29.11 mi)
Finch, Ontario (613) 984-2020
Fat Les Waterfront Patio
30 Block House Island Pkwy (29.78 mi)
Brockville, Ontario K6V
(613) 498-3000





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